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The School of Pure and Applied Physics was established in 1983 along with the inception of the University. Starting out as the Department of Materials Science the School expanded its scope and became the School of Pure & Applied Physics. The activities of the School encompass teaching, research and extension activities, promoting Physics, the basis of all the concrete sciences, which in its pure theoretical aspects becomes our reading of the way Nature expresses herself through Mathematics the queen of the abstract sciences. The School has received funding from UGC SAP-DRS Phase I and FIST Scheme of Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. The School has recently been short listed to continue on SAP-DRS Phase II from 2016 to 2021. Through the Astronomy & Astrophysics program of the School, MGU is an active member of the Square Kilometer Array -India Consortium (SKA -DAE as signing agency for India) and the Thirty Meter telescope (TMT - DST as signing agency for India) -multinational telescope projects of which India is a member country. The School has a well-equipped library, laboratories, computer labs with network facilities. It has excellent research facilities like Single crystal XRD, Powder crystal XRD, Fluorescence Microscope, Electrometer, Vacuum Coating units, Heating and refrigerating systems, Fluorescent Decay Measuring Instrument, Ellipsometer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Programmable furnace, Impedance Analyzer, Spectrophotometer, Spectrofluorophotometer and Storage Oscilloscopes. The School offers Master's Degree program with Specializations in Materials Science and Astrophysics, an MPhil Program and PhD Program. The fields of research include Materials Science, Theoretical Physics, Spectroscopy, Biomolecules and Molecular Modelling, Nano Science, Photonics, Plasma Physics etc. The School has strong collaboration with the Inter University Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics- Pune, Centre for Materials Technology-Trichur, Third World Academy of Sciences- Italy, JNCSAR-Bangalore, RRI-Bangalore,
NSC-Delhi, University of Leeds -UK, Polytechnique Institute of Milan –Italy, Cochin University of Science and Technology- Cochin, CAT-Indore, NIISTThiruvananthapuram etc. The centre provides: data of
single crystal XRD and powder XRD , Spectroscopic Analysis and Microtopographic Studies, Technical advice on industrial problems related to Preparation of Single Crystals, Thin and Thick Films and offers
Facility for Conductivity and Dielectric Measurements.

Academic Programmes

• MSc (20) - Specializations: Materials Science and Astrophysics • MPhil (10) • PhD

Areas of Research

• Materials Science • Theoretical Physics • Spectroscopy • Crystal Growth • Astrophysics • Biomolecules and Molecular Modelling • Nano Science • Photonics• Plasma Physics



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Prof Ajith Parameswaran ICTS -TIFR an alumnus of SPAP MGU is among the recipients of Milner's Breakthrough Prize.  The total prize money of 3 Million dollars is divided between the 1012 authors of the paper announcing the discovery of Gravitational Waves by LIGO.  The paper is now part of the history of humankind.  The list of authors can be seen in the link below announcing the Special Breakthrough Prize In Fundamental Physics Awarded For Detection Of Gravitational Waves 100 Years After Albert Einstein Predicted Their Existence