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 International Workshops on Qualitative Research Methods 26&27th  September 2017 and Autism on 28th  September 2017


Vacancies for MSc Disability Studies and Rehabilitation Science programme (Spot admission 17.08.2017, 10.30 am)



Applications are invited for the course of PG Diploma in Indian Sign Langugage (Notification and Application form)




 One day Seminar on Down Syndrome:Intervention and Management on 21.03.2017 <Brochure>





School of Behavioural Sciences established in 1988 is the only University department in South India that conducts higher education programmes and research on disability and rehabilitation. The School develops rehabilitation professionals and researchers in different areas namely Rehabilitation Psychology, Special Education, Behavioural Medicine, Rehabilitation Nursing and Guidance Counselling. The School conducts community extension programmes at three levels- school (regular and special schools), college and community. The School has a Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for the adult mentally retarded persons.


• To impart advanced training in all areas of disability • To develop comprehensive management programmes for various disabilities • To empower the parents of the disabled • To rehabilitate the disabled

Academic Programmes

• PhD (Doctoral and Post-doctoral programmes in Special Education, Psychology, Behavioural Medicine,Rehabilitation Nursing) •MPhil in Rehabilitation Psychology • MPhil in Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences • MPhil in Behavioural Medicine and Rehabilitation (full time and Part time) • MPhil in Behavioural Sciences and Rehabilitation Nursing • MSc Psychology • MSc Disability Studies and Rehabilitation Sciences • PG Diploma in Indian Sign Language

Extension Programmes

• Child Guidance Clinic and Family Counselling Centre • Adolescent Guidance programmes in schools • Youth programmes in colleges • Disability rehabilitation programmes in the community including prevention and management • Community development projects in Socio-Culturally Backward Communities • Awareness generation programmes related to women's needs.

Faculty Specializations

• Special Education (Mental Retardation) • Special Education (Auditory Handicapped) • Special Education (Visual Impairment) • Special Education (Learning Disability) • Behavioural Medicine • Rehabilitation Nursing • Psychology • Research Methodology and Statistics • Health and Behavioural Sciences and Disability Studies.

Application for Admission to PG Diploma in Indian Sign Language