smbs facilities

 School of Management and Business Studies


Infra Structure and Learning Resources

 Students are given practical classes in which they have to make through analysis of the theories they have been taught. Periodical tests and internal evaluations are the methods of judging their knowledge. Those who show poor performance are given remedial coaching.  Faculty members give individual attention to those students.  All modern teaching aids are available in the school. 
 SMBS gives prior importance to the most modern student centered teaching techniques such as live case studies, video case studies, group conflict management techniques, character moulding etc using the latest media presentation tools. 
 Computer Lab
The Computer lab of SMBS has state-of-art hardware and software resources capable of providing support for diverse compute requirements.  This acts as a resource centre to supplement classroom instructions with laboratory sessions.  Internet facilities are available for 12 hours on all working days. 
The Department Library has a collection of rare books on various disciplines.  The Library subscribes too many professional publications including international journals and magazines.  In addition to the Department Library, there is a computerized central library with an extensive collection of recorded data.  Both libraries remain open for 12 hours on all days.
 Placement Cell
 A Placement Cell is  functioning under the supervision of faculty members with the participation of students representatives.  The Department has registered a good placement record in national and international organizations. 
 Consultancy services
 Consultancy service is offered to small and medium scale industries and other interested parties for reasonable remuneration.  Recently the department conducted a market study for HMT – Quetcos.