The School is housed in an independent three-storied building. The building has a well-equipped conference hall, a seminar hall, two computer labs, library, classrooms, faculty rooms and administrative office.

The School provides independent rooms for faculty members, technical staff and also a common room for students. The School also has a well-organized administrative office with computer facilities.

The students have access to the common facilities provided by the University like health center, canteens, hostels etc.


The School maintains two computing laboratories exclusively for the use of students and faculty members. Both the laboratories offer a wide range of computing facilities. Computers in the lab are connected through a LAN using structured cabling.

There is broadband internet access facility. Each student and faculty member is provided with a computer.  The admission procedure, preparation of examination results etc have been automated using software packages developed in the School.


SUN Ultra 10 Workstation Ultra SPARC- IIi, 128 MB RAM, 4.3 GB SCSI Hard disk with CD drive, 4/8 GB DAT, Ethernet card, 17 inch monitor. 

SERVER - Intel Xeon based tru server

C2D, C2Q, Dualcore based PCs with minimum 512 MB RAM.

Besides these, the lab facilities include

  • Multimedia Projector
  • CD Server
  • Color Scanners
  • Laser & Inkjet printers 
  • Multifunction device with photocopier, network printer and color scanner
  • Power supply backup with 15 KVA, 5KVA UPS systems



Operating Systems :

        Windows 7/Vista/ XP

        SUN Solaris


Applications :

  • Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005
  • Adobe Web Bundle
  • Macromedia Studio 
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Open GL
  • Java Workshop, Java Studio, Real PC etc.

Library Facilities  

The School Library has a very good collection of carefully selected text books, reference books, journals and periodicals in a wide range of areas. In addition to the School's Library, students can avail books from the University Library which also has an extensive collection of books and journals in different areas of computer science.

This wide collection of books, journals, and reports should suffice to meet the greater part of students requirements in respect of both course reading and the more specialized material associated with individual research interest. In addition to the books and journals, there are special categories of material such as University thesis etc. Collections of research materials in CD-ROM are also available. Huge bibliographic data bases are available in CD-ROM and when circumstances warrant, research and post graduate students have been given access to computerized data bases on a world wide basis.

The C$$A also subscribes some computer magazines. The School's library also has a very good reading room.