The School regularly conducts seminars, workshops and skill development programmes.

 Students Association

The C$$A (Computer Science Students' Association) is an organization of the students of the School. C$$A was established with the goal of developing the overall skills of the students of the School of Computer Sciences. Ever since its formation, C$$A has been one of the most active organizations in the Mahatma Gandhi University campus. 


The main activities of C$$A are organising technical symposia, obtaining project and job placement for students and conducting a magazine club.

Every year, the School in association with C$$A and alumni conducts

 Interface, an annual software meet for computer science students from South India. An annual technical publication, IT Glimpse, is also released on the eve of INTERFACE.   

The magazine club subscribes to various publications and in addition, has a good collection of software on CDs. All students have access to these magazines through the School library.

 Placement Cell

The School has a placement cell functioning under a faculty member. The cell organizes placement opportunities for the students who have successfully completed the course from the School. It also co-ordinates the placements for doing main project in industries.

The cell undertakes the publication of Placement Brochure. With its close interactions with industrial organizations, the cell organizes interviews on campus for the benefit of the students.