School of Behavioural Sciences


Community Extension Activities

  • A mental health clinic, which caters to the emotional and behavioural problems of both regular and special children, is yet another feature in the cap of the school  
  •  Conducts camps on life skill education for adolescent students
  • 'Drug Surveillance Units in 42 colleges under Mahatma Gandhi University
  • Provides expertise to various organizations, voluntary agencies, and health centres etc. for the management of mental health problems.
  • Faculty members provide services to various parent-teacher associations by delivering talks on various subjects like effective parenting, communication skill, stress management, time management etc.
  • Seminars and workshops on various aspects of child development are conducted for professionals working with children
  • Home-based training services are extended to severely retarded children by the field workers of the school.

Other Extension activities

a)  Swanthanam Clinic

Instituted a clinic for the services of the disabled children on 6th November 1991. The children identified with various disabilities from schools and other community areas are given counselling and practical guidance for rehabilitation. The clinic serves as the practical laboratory for the M.Phil and M.Sc. students. The clinic extends its services to hundreds of children with behavioural problems, leaning problems and other disabilities.         .

b)  Vocational rehabilitation unit

A rehabilitation unit for adult mentally retarded individuals has been established.   Office files made by the mentally   challenged   are   supplied to   the   university office and other institutions.

c) Vending Machines

            As the part of income generating programme to person with mental retardation, the school provides 3 units of vending machines. These machines are operated in the campus by the trainees of the vocational rehabilitation unit.

d) Photostat Machine

            A Photostat machine is installed under the vocational rehabilitation unit which provides employment to person with mental retardation to serve the campus students

e) Services to the public by the faculty           

- Assessment and counselling of disabled children
- Counselling service to parents and siblings of disabled children
- Assessment of addict’s alcoholics and providing services
- Training to NSS volunteers, teachers, health professionals, industrial workers etc.

f)   Behavioural Science Association

            Departmental students researchers and teaching & non-teaching staff are its members.  This forum discusses various academic matters, matters related to research and job placement.

g)   Alumni Association

            A Vibrant Alumni is associated with the school. Meetings of alumni association are held at least once in every year. This forum helps students to find job placement and to provide additional facilities to the students.

h)   Publication of books

Books   related   to   disability   rehabilitation, mental health, counselling etc. are periodically published by the faculty.

      (l). Lahariyodu Vida, (2). Vykalyangale 4 Ariyuka Athijeevikkuka, (3). Epilepsy, (4). Mental Disorders, (5). Child Psychology, (6). Social work. Why? How? (7). Psychology for Health professionals, (8). Parental involvement in the education of mentally handicapped children.

i)   Collaboration with other institutions

- Collaboration with NSS in conducting various community based rehabilitation programmes.
- Organizes seminars/workshops and training programmes in collaboration with department of Adult and continuing education.
- Have undertaken several research programmes in inter disciplinary areas collaborating with other department and universities.
- Have established liaison with NGOs functioning in health related areas
- Faculty members are working as consultants for several agencies and industries like KITCO, LIC, FACT, Railway etc.
- Active participations in planning forums. Panchayat and other community development forums.
- School has been selected as centre of excellence in counselling by National AIDS Control Society and is providing training for AIDS counsellors.

j) Student Counselling

The Teachers spend two hours per day with students to find out their problems, academic and otherwise. Students are given extra help and guidance in all the areas where they need help. Student counselling has become part and parcel of the academic programme of the school.