·   M.A in Politics and International Relations

·   M.A in Politics and Human Rights

·   M.A in Public Policy and Governance

·   M.Phil. in Politics and International Relations

·  PhD in Politics and International Relations



      Credit and Semester System

      Innovative teaching methods

      Student assessment of teachers

      Continuous Assessment

      Annual Seminars, Special Lectures

      Annual Lectures

      Alumni Lecture

      Diplomat Lecture Series


      K.P.S. Menon Chair for Diplomatic Studies

      Centres of Area Studies and innovative Research

      Rotation of Directorship

      Faculty Seminars

      Update programme

    Foreign students and foreign visiting faculty

       National and International Seminars

       Research Scholars Seminar

       Extensive extension activities for colleges and for social organisations

       International Relations Association

       Consultancy provided for KeralaState Planning Board, District Panchayat and NGOs.

       Award of new Human Rights programme by the University Grants Commission (UGC)

   Indian Journal of Politics and International Relations

       IPR Studies Programme

       Tie-up with foreign institutions

        MoU with IPR, Rennes, France