Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension


             Adult Education means development education. It goes beyond post-literacy training. The Dept. use a variety of means for development education and continuing education; creates models, carry out innovative programmes, train trainers, motivate volunteers and develop new paradigms in extension which is mult-sectoral. 

Sector 1: Community Organization

                   A unique feature of MahatmaGandhiUniversity is that it has a Grama Vikas Kendra, at Nalpathimala where campus flows in to the community and vice versa. It is committed to the cause of making higher education socially relevant, establishing symbiotic relationship with the community, adding a Chethana dimension to the Chithana pre occupations of the University.

            During the last 13 years thousands of individuals, most of them N.S.S volunteers and a large number of local people have worked hard to make Nalpathimala what it is today.

             Nalpathimala was a stagnant, sleepy village: one of the six lakhs villages of India. The intervention into Nalpathimala was like a stone there was thrown in to a serene lake. It has produced a creative disturbance not only in the community but also in the hearts of the persons who steered the invention. This creative disturbance like a chain of ripples has spread to almost every home in this Community.

          The Second Grama Vikas Kendra has been constructed at Koruthode with the help of Kanjirappally Block Panchayat. The University has been able to start 120 self help groups with the help of NABARD.

Campus –community partnership through NSS

A speciality with the Dept. of Adult Education is that it work in close collaboration with National Service Scheme. This has helped a number of our N.S.V s to find a career with NGOs engaged in community development, in addition to inspiring thousands of volunteers to be community oriented.

Sector 2: Children’s Development

Activities under this sector are concentrated in the partner village, Nalpathimala

Children’s forums (Balavedi) have been formed at Grama Vikas Kendra from 1992. This Forums promote the integrated development of the children of Nalpathimala. There are 13 units of the vary functioning in 13 Ayalkoottoms .Summer schools (venal kalari) is organized for the children at Grama Vikas Kendra during summer holidays.

Sector 3: Promotion of Volunteerism

a.     Volunteerism Promotion

A unique aspect of the Dept. of Adult Education is that it runs on the wheels of Volunteerism. More than a hundred volunteers are at work in the different sectors.

      b. Kerala Volunteerism Promotion Initiative

 This is a new venture from the experience of Malaysia Peace Foundation (Yayasaan Salam).An intensive campaign called Nalpathimala Learning Community Initiative (NALCI) is planned as part of the Volunteerism Promotion Initiative.

Sector 4: Geriatric Social Work

Geriatric Care

Care for the aged is a major thrust area with the Dept. of Adult Education. The Dept. has initiated a number of special programmes for the aged.13 senior citizens group has so far been affiliated to the Dept. of Adult Education. They meet every week for fellowship, continuing education and recreation.

Sector :5 Research

   The Dept. offers facility for inter disciplinary research in community related areas of study. It also promotes documentation and publication of papers related to adult education, youth development and Community Organizations.