Planning Board meeting held on 26-06-2014

Minutes of the Meeting of the University Planning Board held in the chamber of the Vice-Chancellor at 10.00AM on 26.06.2014

 Dr.Sheena Shukkkur,Vice- Chancellor  (in the chair)


Members Present               
1.    Dr.Shrikant Yelegaonkar,Associate Professor,S.S.A’s College,Solapur
2.    Dr.Annie Mathews, Department of Chemistry, Baselius College, Kottayam
3.    Smt. R.L. Latha, Joint Director,Social Service Division, State Planning Board
4.    Prof.Razeena Padmam,Director,School of Behavioural Sciences
5.    Prof.Sabu Thomas,School of Chemical Sciences
6.     Dr. R.Vijayakumar,Registrar-in-Charge
7.    Sri.Abraham J Puthumana, Finance Officer