Information technology (IT) is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our Organization. There are lot of areas where we started deploying technology  to help the Students, Teachers, Staff and public community. As the result, the System Administration team in Mahatma Gandhi University has rolled out more complex projects applicable at all spheres of management of our organization like Employee/Teacher management, Finance activities, automation projects of various courses and programmes, File management in sections, and technology-enabling and networking of whole organization.
MGU IT-enabled applications are built on the idea that they can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful for every person connected with University activities.



       UGCAP 2015-Student Admission Portal



Departmental URL for all School/Department of CREDIT AND SEMESTER SYSTEM



Model question papers of IVth Semester  Botany Practicals (Core and Complementary Courses) for 2013 admission onwards.



Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) For Private Registration Candidates V& VI BA/Bcom CBCSS UG Program 2015





UG CAP & Exam Management(CBCSS Degree Programmes)



Online admission managment portal for Colleges. Admission related entire activities are manged through this portal. The personal and academic particulars and status of each student will be available to University and to Colleges through this portal.

MCA Student Management Portal

Online Student Managment portal for  MCA (2012 Admission).The personal and academic particulars and status of each student will be available to University and to Colleges through this portal.
Phd Online Admission 2013

Public portal for candidates for admission to Phd. Interactive portal which updates the activities of the selection procedure and academic activities interactively with the candidates and concerned departments

Distance Education Management

Handles the entire activities of Distance education which includs the Distance education Centre management, Entire student life cycle management and all the activities of SDE is also covered

Student Admission Portal for MEd CAP 2013

Online Admission portal for Students who got Admission for various MEd Programmes through CAP 2013.

Online Teacher's Portal

Portal for teacher community under MG University. Teachers can upload there career details, academic profile along with there specializations, subjects handled, journels etc. We are working on extending the features.

B.Tech Online Student Management Portal 

Online Student Management Portal for B.Tech  Students. Engineering Colleges can access this portal using the credentials provided from M.G University.

B.Arch  Student Management Portal  

Online Student Management Portal for B.Arch  Students. Colleges can access this portal using the credentials provided from M.G University.


B.Ed (CBCSS) Exam Management Portal 



M.Tech./B.Tech(2008-2010 Admissions)  Exam Management Portal 


Integrated Information Management system 

  • Information support system for students through MGU helpdesk
  • Token generation system for enquiries
  • Scheduling and appointment fixing system (VC, PVC,REGISTRAR,CE)


Portal for UG CBCSS-Admission 2013 Camp Management

Technical Support Portal (Coming soon)

Portal offers custom ticket generating system for support regarding technical issues, mainly focused on the IT enabled projects which handles escalation of issue to higher levels.

          Cutting Edge Employee Management

Project underway - EMP managemnt is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Organization, we assist them using technology by providing personalised and value added service. In simple words, EMP mgmt technically handles employing people, developing their capacities, utilizing, and maintaining their services in tune with the job and organizational requirement.

e-Payroll System
 Project underway -    

Information KIOSK (Coming soon) 

Touch Screen Information Kiosk solutions for Mahatma Gandhi university which dispenses free information in the form of maps, pamphlets, and other literature, and/or advice offered by PRD

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