Institute of Research in Learning Disabilities (IRLD)

School of Behavioural sciences,Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam: 686560, Tel:0481 - 2731034


Hon.Director :  
Asst. Professor, Special Education (Research Methodology)
No. 2 MGU Teachers Apartment, PD Hills, Athriampuzha, Kottayam 686560
Cell. 9946226638
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Institute of Research in learning disabilities IRLD has been established at school of behavioural sciences as per the U.O.No: 4315/ A7/2014/Admn. dated 20-08-2014 based on the decision of the syndicate held on 19/07/2014.

In order to provide equal opportunity and full participation, the students with special needs should be facilitated  in mainstream of education. Inclusion is a dynamic on going process  that requires communication of sharing of  information between regular teachers and students  irrespective of ability of disability. Mere  admitting the students   with different challengers  along with there counter parts  in normal schools  may not  yield the desired results of the inclusive education.  The existing condition which prevails  in our  state regarding inclusive education is not at all satisfactory. The children facing learning problems due to various reasons now grouped as children with learning disabilities.  Proper identification, diagnosis, management and rehabilitation has not  been taking place. this situation warrants urgent intervention from the part of academic community. studies and researches  should have to   be carried out in this area so as  the findings can be utilized for the  adequate functioning of inclusive education. This is the context of establishing IRLD at school of behavioural sciences . The objectives  of IRLD are 1- to conduct studies and researches in the area of LD, 2- to  publish news letter, handouts, booklets and books related to  LD and Inclusive education, 3-  to prepare the prospective teachers  for the classroom management of students with LD, 4 -To start post graduate Diploma progame in Ld and Inclusive education, and 5- to conduct  seminars and awareness camps for promoting inclusive education and for management of LD.


Two seminars , One day remedial teaching camp  for children with LD have already been conducted. One book in inclusive  education tittled as inclusive education thought and practice  published under IRLD