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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


1. What are the rules regarding admission to various courses offered by the MG University?

1.Those who have acquired higher degree cannot appear for lower courses. But those who have acquired professional degree can join B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.

2. Those who have completed a course either here or in other universities will not be allowed to join the same course with the same subjects again.

3. Students will not be allowed to do two courses at a time either in this University or outside except for certain courses like Diploma/Certificate courses in German, Russian etc.

4. Additional degree/courses is possible (ref. Chapter on Private registration

5. Admission to courses in affiliated colleges is based on the following rules of reservation. (i) 20% to SC/ST/OBC.

Preference will be in the given order in the following.

(i)If candidates are not available, vacancies will be filled in from open quota. Merit should be the criteria

(ii) 20% management quota. Merit not necessary

(iii) 10% community quota. Merit system to be followed

(iv) 1% in degree (except Geology) to 3 sections of Physically handicapped, blind, deaf and orthopaedically handicapped with provision for inter change of seats among them.

(v) Sports: one seat in each Degree Course (inter changeable) one seat for every 20 seats in M.A., M.Sc., M.Com. M.S.W. Courses (also combined)


At least District Sports Zone. Order of calculating points is in the following order (1st, 2nd, 3rd participation respectively).
University International 100, 80, 60, 40
Combined University 75, 50, 25, 15
ational/Inter State/All India University 40, 20, 15, 10, Zone.
Inter University 25, 15, 10, 5
Points in only one category will be reckoned. Other categories will be counted when candidates are bracketed.

(vi)Youth festival winners: One Seat for each degree course and one seat for every 20 seats of PG Courses. (h) Bonus/Handicap marks (i) NCC, NSS Students will get 15 bonus marks for admission to Degree and 5 for PG Courses (ii) 15 marks for widows and children of Ex-serviceman for Degree Courses.


In departments to admission to courses is in the following percentage Ezhavas/Thiyyas/Billaivas – 4. 5
Muslims – 4
Latin Catholics other than Anglo Indians – 1
O.B. Christians (SIUC & Converts from SC) – 5
O. B. Hindus – 2.5
SC – 15, S.T. 4.5
Private to regular (refer chapter on private registration)

2. Tell us about the Additional Degree and PG Degree available at Mahatma Gandhi University?

Those who have passed Degree or PG from this University can take additional course in new subjects in two or one year respectively. One can study in a regular college or as a private student (ref. chapter on Pvt. Registration) and for PG course one has only to register by registering for the examination. A student who has taken B.Com degree from this University can take additional degree only by undergoing three year course. Those who have taken degree from other Universities can take up another degree in different subjects and complete the course in 3 years

3. From where should I collect Application forms ?

Usually all application forms can be had from the Store Keeper by producing Bank Chalan/Coupon. Forms will be send by post if the request is accompanied by bank chalan and self-addressed (sufficiently stamped) envelope. (also refer item on fee remittence)

4. I am suffering from shortage of Attendance, what should I do?

A student is eligible to appear for the exam if he has 75 % attendance of the total working days for regular courses and 80% for professional courses. A shortage of 20 days could be condoned if applied in prescribed form through the Principal. Condonation will be granted only once during a course.
Betterment refer Improvement

5. Is Calculators permissible in examination halls?

Standard Calculator can be used by the students during the following examinations

B.A. Economics Paper V
B.Sc. Maths (all papers) -Statistics (Main, Sub. & Practical)
Physics (Main & Sub.) Theory & Practical
B.Com. Business Statistics Paper I – Personal Accounting
Paper I & II -Accountancy Paper IV, Costing Paper I & II
M.Sc. Botany
M.Com. Group A -pp. I Advanced Financial Accounting pp.
II Management Accounting
M.Com. Group B, C Advanced Cost Accounting pp. IV
M.Com. Advanced Cost Accounting pp. IV

6. What are the procedures for the Cancellation of examinations and registrations?

For cancelling Examinations and registration

1. All terminal examinations (of which results are announced) except 1st M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. and professional courses can be cancelled.
2. When the degree examinations are cancelled papers of the same subject appeared in the previous years will also get cancelled.
Eg: If the Part III main of B.A. at the final year is cancelled, papers of 1st and 2nd years will also be cancelled.
3. The whole examination or any subject can be cancelled separately. For B.Com. papers of the final year examination or the whole of part III can be cancelled.
4. Cancellation is allowed only at the first appearance.
5. Four more consecutive chances are allowed for the reappearence of the cancelled papers. 1st Degree, degree examinations can be cancelled in order to take up the same course with different optional. Fee Rs. 50.
6. Apply to the Controller of Examinations with Principal’s recommendation, hall ticket and prescribed fees within 14 days from the last examination including practical/viva voce. The fee for cancellation per paper and per practical is Rs.20/- each.
7. Hall ticket: Attested photocopy of the hall ticket can be submitted in case the same hall ticket is needed for other purposes.

7. How to get a Duplicate Certificates?

Duplicate Degree Certificate, migration Certificate, P.D.C. /B.Tech/ B.Ed. marklist Pass Certificate can be had by producing a declaration on a stamp paper of Rs. 25/- to the effect that the certificate has been irrecoverably lost, attested by a Notary Public along with a SBT Chalan for Rs. 200. (Rs. 100 for migration) and a personal request In order to get duplicate degree certificate, regular students should get a letter from the Principal and private students should get the letter from a gazetted officer; the document is partially damaged no affidavit is required, but remnants should be attached.

8. How to get an Eligibility Certificate?

Applicants from out side the State have to get Eligibility Certificate from this University in order to join any course. The application in the prescribed form with duly attested photo copies of the original documents (Provisional or pass certificate), Transfer Certificate/ Course certificate (in case of regular students) and bank challan for Rs.100 has to be submitted to the Registrar. However, those who have passed C.B.S.E., I.S.C.E., I.C.S.E. need to apply only through the colleges where they are admitted. Those who have passed the private stream of HSC (Tamil Nadu) and pre university exam of Karnataka after June 28, 1992 and the HSC in arts of MP Board, (Bhopal) privately after Sept. 15, 1993 are not eligible. Any exam equivalent to the secondary compartmentally are not eligible. Those who have passed ‘SAY’ and passed CBSE ICSE compartmentally are eligible to join degree courses.

9. Which is the medium of examination?

Students can answer for Pre-degree and Degree exams either in English or in Malayalam. But in the same paper, a mix of English and Malayalam is not allowed.

10. What is an Exam-record?

A record which has to be produced while appearing for supplementary exams. If the record is lost a new one has to be prepared.

11. Is there any separate exam for practicals?

There is no separate minimum for practical exams. But absence in practical exams will be treated as failure in the exam.

12. What is the pass mark required for the University examinations?

Absence in a paper will lead to failure in that part. A P.D.C student will be declared passed in the part III if he gets a minimum of 35% marks in each subject and 175 total in the first attempt. If either of these targets are not achieved then the subject with 60 marks will be treated as passed. In the subsequent appearance too 60 marks is
needed for a pass.

13. Is extension of Exam-time possible?

The physically handicapped candidates can avail themselves of time extension for various University examinations. Apply to the Controller of examinations in a plain paper along with medical certificates and a photo showing disability duly attested by the Medical officer well in time before the commencement of exam.

14. What is the mode of remitting various University Fees?

For all remittance within the State SBT, pay-in-slip (chalan) has to be produced. For an amount that does not exceed Rs. 5, coupons can be had from the University. Outside the State remittance has to be made by D.D. in favour of Finance Officer and payable at SBT, Campus Branch Kottayam. Postal Orders should be taken in favour of Post Office, Priyadarsini Hills P.O. Treasury No. is 8658-00-102-96(05) GUS.

15. What is meant by Fourth Option?

Pre-degree science students can opt Mathematics or Biology and Commerce and Economics students can opt Mathematics as IVth optional Subject. The application shall be sent through the Principal. Those who attempt to complete the course after PDC should not be doing any other course. T.C. has to be submitted to the University.

16. Could you please tell us about the grace marks given to the students under various categories?

Winners in sports events and youth festivals are given grace marks as follows:

1. Grace marks will be given for the first appearance in examinations, improvements and appearance after cancellation and absence will not be considered.
2. Grace marks will be given irrespective of a pass or fail in the exam and will be given after effecting the moderation.
3. Grace marks will not be reckoned for fixing ranks.
4. Marks will be allotted to each paper and 50% of these can be redistributed to other subjects in order to effect a pass.
5. Students of professional courses are not eligible for grace marks.
6. Only the winning participants will get, not the accompanists.
7. The maximum limit of grace marks is 25%.


India representation (25%).
All India Inter University 1st, 2nd, 3rd (17, 14, 12)
Representing combined University (10)
Approved Nationals. I, II, III Places (10,8,7)
Inter University Representation (7)
University/State representation (5)
Handicapped Students are given many prevelleges.

Youth Festival: Individual first place or A grade (5%) University Group first place (3%) both to a maximum of 5% S.Zone Ind. and group events Ist prize 5% additional and for II prize 4% additional. National Ind./Group I, II, III places (10, 7, 5 additional respectively)

Deaf and Dumb students : will be given grace marks of 25% of the total marks of each and every paper for P.D.C. and Degree attempted by them subject to a maximum of 25% of the aggregate marks.

NCC 2% for basic leadership camp or R.D. State Representation.

Blind Students I/II/II positions in University Inter University Youth Festivals/Sports/Cultural Competetion conducted by the Kerala Federation of the Blind at college level 5%.

17. What are procedures for getting Inter University and Inter College Transfer within the state?

Inter University transfer of students is possible for all courses except for, post graduate courses and final year degree courses. Inter-universtiy transfer for all professional courses is allowed only within the state and that too only at the commencement of the second year. Transfer is not allowed in IIIrd year of Degree courses. The students who join the IInd year Degree from other Universities have to take the 1st year Examination along within their II year regular exam. Inter college transfer of Post graduate courses shall be limited to the first year of the course. Both the transfers will be guided by the following principles:

1. The course and subject in both the centres should be the same

2. No malpractice case should be pending against the applicant.

3. Apply in the prescribed form (in case of professional courses only when applications are invited) (d) For a transfer to other Universities apply to that University.

4. In order to combine the attendance in both colleges it is advisable to collect Transfer Certificate only after getting sanction from the University.

18. Is Betterment possible for PG courses?

Those who have passed M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. examination can better their marks by availing themselves of two more chances (Consecutive) irrespective of time limit. All papers of previous examinations at PG level can be improved along with their regular final year examinations.

19. Tell us about the various fellowships?

J.R.F./UGC Fellowship

1. Eligibility: 55% marks in masters degree or equivalent examination in Humanities (including languages) and Social Science and who have qualified for the U.G.C., UGC- CSIR, GATE and similar UGC recognised National Level Tests.
2. Age 28 yr. Relaxation of 5 yrs for SC/ST
3. Emoluments: Rs. 5000/-pm for the first two years with an annual contingent grant of Rs. 5000 for Humanities and Social Sciences and Rs. 7500 for science subjects.
Fellowship for the thrid and subsiquent years will be Rs. 5600 pm and the amount of the contingent grant will remain the same.Apart from this fellows are eligible for suitable hostel type accommodation or HRA
4. Tenure: 4 years; but extentable for one more year based on conditions.
The fellow 2 yrs. (SC).

Applications are available at the University Store. Test is held in December & June.

20. Is excemption from attending language possible?

Students of regular colleges who desire to be exempted from attending classes of additional language have to apply in prescribed form. Special English is not offered as additional language at degree level from ’92 admission. Deaf and Dumb students are exempted from studying second language, if they so desire.

21. Can I get my confidential marklists?

Candidates who have taken their final year exams can apply in prescribed form for Confidential Marklist before the publication of the results, for employment and educational purposes. However this marklists will be sent only to the Head of the Institution concerned. (refer chapter on other fees).

Marklist consolidated

B.Com. Consolidated marklists showing all the parts and groups will be issued to those who have passed B.Com exam (for old scheme only) and MSW.
(Not applicable to other examinations.)


Showing marks of each paper including practicals will be issued. Apply in the prescribed form.

22. I wish to continue my studies in another University, so how can I get my Migration Certificate from MG University?

Students from other Universities and Boards of Secondary/Higher secondary Edn. (except State Boards like VHSC, plus two) who join this University should produce Migration Certificate/N.O.C. Migration certificate from this University will be issuedif applied in the prescribed form and self addressed and stamped (Rs 12) envelope.. The students from those colleges which had come under this University during 1983-84 have been exempted from producing migration certificate from Kerala University. Those who have completed S.S.L.C. from schools under the jurisdiction of the University will be issued migration certificate for joining higher studies outside the state. Those who have obtained the Migration Certificate and have not joined any other University can continue their studies here after re-Matriculating and surrendering the migration Certificate.

23. I got married and I wish to change my name, what should I do?

In order to change the name of the student in the University documents, notify in the Govt. Gazette and apply in the prescribed form with a copy of the Gazette notification.

24. Is photographs compulsory along with the application forms?

Private and failed students (except regular students) have to paste passport size photo on the application form while applying for various University exams.

25. How can I get my Rank Certificate?

26. How can I seek re-admission to a course taught in the MG University?

Regular Students who discontinue their studies can rejoin the same course after obtaining prior sanction from the University [apply to the Registrar through the Principal. Fee is Rs. 100 (Pre-Degree), Rs. 150 (Degree), Rs. 200 (P.G. Course)], Private Candidates may refer chapter on Private Registration. After re-admission, the examinations can be written in continuation to the previous ones provided the scheme and syllabus remains the same. Otherwise all the papers will have to be attempted again

27. When and how should I seek Recognition from University?

When students of other Universities (outside the state) join this University, they have to apply for the recognition of their qualifying examination in the prescribed form. Those who have passed the private stream of Higher secondary course certificate exam conducted by the Board of Higher Secondary Examination Tamil Nadu and Pre-University Examination of Board of Pre-University Education Karnataka after June 28, 1992 and the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination in Arts conducted by the M.P. Board of Secondary Education Bhopal privately after Sept. 15, 1993 are not eligible to seek admission to Degree Course in this University. Those who have passed courses of outside institutions not recognized by this universtiy have to apply for recognition of such courses by applying in prescribed form along with the official transcript of the scheme and syllabus of the course, attested copies of the certificates,TC (fee is Rs 200 and fee for the recognition of foreign courses is Rs 500). All the regular Courses/Degrees of the Universities listed by the A.I.U./U.G.C. have been recognised.

28. What are the chances of not getting in the rank list though I achieve good marks?

Students who have cancelled their exams will not be reckoned for ranking. Only those who have appeared for the improvement exam within the stipulated period will be considered for ranking.

29. How can I get answer sheets Scrutinised?

Answer papers will be scrutinised if applied within 30 days from the date of receipt of marklists in the college.

30. Is there fees excemption for SC/ST Students?

SC/ST students have been exempted from the payment of Exam fee for the 3 chances within the period of 4 years from the day of their first appearance for the respective examinations (U.O. No: SC/ST Cell/1/578(a)/2005, dated 06.01.2006).

31. Is Special English offered in Degree level?

Students can opt for Special English as additional language only for the Pre-degree and not for degree course.

32. What is the eligibility for applying to the post of teachers in Colleges under the MG University?

The minimum age for appointment is 35 years as on Jan. 1. Relaxation for SC/ST as per PSC norms. Minimum qualification is a minimum of 55% marks in the concerned subject and pass in the U.G.C. test. (Those who have secured M.Phil. or Ph.D. before Dec. 31, 1993 are exempted from passing the U.G.C. test). Those who are appointed from. June 30, 1995 should give an undertaking that they are prepared to serve at the plus two level. A teacher should work for 15 hrs. per week. (Head of the Dept. need work only 2 hrs. less. Principal need engage only 3 hours.) new appointments shall be approved only if there are 6 or more excess hours and if the appointment is for a vacancy of more than 6 months.

33. How can I apply for Revaluation and Identification of answer papers of exams conducted by MG University?

Apply in prescribed form within 21 days from the date of receipt of Mark list in the College. Mark change will be effected if the difference is 5% or more. If the difference is 10% or more the paper will be subject to second revaluation and the average of the marks of the I & II revaluation will be reckoned. There will be no refund of revaluation fee. Students will be allowed to identify their revalued papers.

Rank Certificate will be issued to the rank holders of the first 3 positions. Post graduate students will get the certificates immediately after the results are published. Degree students will get it as and when the revaluation process is over. Rank certificate will be issued till the 3rd rank. Apply in prescribed form along with a SBT chalan for Rs. 50/-

34. Do the University give chances for Improvement for its examinations?

The University offers improvement facility for various examinations. The 1 year papers of Degree and PG of all parts and II year papers of degree of Part III main can be improved along with their next year regular examinations.
Those who have passed Pre-degree examination will be given one more chance for betterment provided

(1) one has not failed for any of the 1 year Pre-degree papers

(2) he/she does not join any higher course under this or any other university. Betterment exam. shall be attended only for the consecutive chance. However, such candidates shall not be eligible for ranking or classification. They will be given separate marklist. Those who have completed post graduation before ’90 can improve only if they have more than 53% marks.

There is no age bar for joining courses.