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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

CBCS-Under Graduate Degree Programmes (2017 admission onwards)

Under Graduate degree programmes – Syllabus (Revision 2017) – Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) – (with effect from 2017 admission onwards)

Regulation – CBCS UG 2017

Amendment No:1 <click here>

Amendment No:2 <click here>

Attention to the Principals

 University Order         Modification/Correction UO

CBCS 2017 regulation- instructions for rectification of Typographical error- reported to syndicate- order issued

UG CBCS Regulation 2017 -Programme course mapping-Changes recommended by BOS <click here>

Changes in CBCS II sem syllabus – Common course I <click here>

Selection of Text on Fine Tune your English <click here>

Modification/correction in the syllabus of B.Sc. Geology, M-I & B.Sc. Geology & WM, M-III <click here>

CBCS regulation 2017-recommendations of BOS-Reporting of Order to academic council <click here>