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Friday, May 14, 2021

Inter University Centre for Disability Studies

Tel : 0481 – 2731580


Dr. P T Baburaj, Assistant Professor, School of Behavioural Sciences

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  • Develop higher level professionals in the field of disability studies
  • Develop a holistic approach for the total rehabilitations of the disabled
  • Establish advanced facilities and promote research and extension activities in major areas of disabilities
  • Establish linkages with National and International organizations for collaborate academic and research programmes
  • Develop assessment tools for assessment of various disabilities
  • Act as a Nodal Resource centre for disseminating information to the parents and the professionals working with disabled
  • Impart training to personnel of NGOs, parent groups , students, teachers, special educators and rehabilitation professionals
  • Address the physical, psychological and socio cultural issues related to disability based on interdisciplinary studies for evolving sustainable solutions
  • Establish and facilitate parent’s self help groups
  • Promote employment to the disabled with the help of NGOs and parent’s help groups
  • Strengthen steps to ensure safety and security to the disabled
  • Initiate steps for mainstreaming the disabled and integrating them to community
  • Strengthen the regular school system to facilitate inclusive education

Research programmes
Facilities to carry out PhD research works in disability studies and rehabilitation
Interdisciplinary research collaborating with National and International universities/colleges
Unit for early identification and intervention

Facilities for early identification of childhood disabilities
Early intervention of these disabilities
Short term training program
Impart short term training programmes
Conduct certificate courses for students, teachers of schools, health workers, special educators, health professionals
Unit for tool development
Establishing a unit for developing screening assessment tools for assessing various disabilities
Visiting faculty program
The faculty members of various colleges and universities can visit the centre for their research programmes and utilize the library facilities
Visiting students programmes
Students can visit the centre and avail the facilities
students can be given short –term training programmes on various aspects of disabilities
Research projects
Will encourage to take up individual or joint research projects funded by National and International agencies
Extension activities
Community education
Awareness creation seminars related to service availability
Community based rehabilitation
Literature development and publications
Promote literature development and publications related to various disabilities both in English as well as in regional languages
Legal unit
Update information regarding the rules and regulations applicable to the disabled, amendments made from time to time and various services available
Disseminate such information to parents, professionals, school/college authorities and policy implementation authorities
Consultancy program
Consultancy programmes will be taken up to mobilize resources
Foreign research experience
Will establish linkages with Foreign Institutions for collaborative research programmes
Will encourage students and faculty exchange programmes
Parent’s self help groups
Will be established in various places
Strengthen the parent’s skills and potentials for the improvement of the quality of life of the disabled