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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Various Schools/Centres and Departments of the University  have acquired numerous rare and exceptional  facilities which attract brightest students from all over the country and abroad to pursue their Post Graduation, M.Phil. and Research Programmes. Research achievements and acquiring patents in Basic Sciences and emerging inter-disciplinary branches like Nano Science and Nano Technology have enabled it to aquire national and international financial assistance.

Some of the major facilities the University Schools are: Psychology lab, Audiology lab (at SOBeS). Plant Tissue Culture, Animal Cell culture, Animal Maintenance Facility (at SBS). TG/DTA,  Scaning Electron Microscopy (SEM)/ EDAX, Polarising optical Microscopy, Abrader, Differential Scaning Calorimetry (DSC), Dynamic mechanical Analysis (DMA), Atomic Force Mocroscopy  (afm, x-RAU Diffraction (XRD), Elemental Analyser, High Performance liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Universal Testing Machine(UTM), fourier Transfer Infrared Spectroscopy(FT-IR) Gas chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) Contact Angle Meter, Rheometer, Fluorimeter, UV – Visible Spectro photometer and Impact Tester (at SCS). Gas Chromatograph (Perkin Elmer – Clarus 500), Ion Chromatograph (Dionex – 1100, USA), Trace Metal Analyzer (Metrohm, 797 VA Computrace, Switzerland), Mercury analyzer – Cold Vapour Atomic Flourescence Spectrophotometer-CVAFS (Brooks Rand), Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer (Thermo-Hyper TOC), PCR (Biorad), Microwave Digester (CEM, USA), Spectroradiometer ( ASD, USA), Freeze Dryer (Daihan Labtech, Korea), Ultrasonic Processor (Cole-Parmer, USA), Photochemical Reactor (SAIC, India), CO2 Incubator (USA), Semi-automated N analyzer (Pelican), COD analyzer (Lovibond), Ultrapure Water system (Pall), Spectrophotometer (Systronics), Flame photometer (Systronics), Cooling centrifuge, Total Mercury Analyzer – CVAFS (Brooks Rand, USA), Trace Metal Analyzer (Metrohm, Switzerland), TOC (Thermo-Hyper TOC), PCR (Biorad), IC (Dionex – 1100, USA), GC (Perkin Elmer – Clarus 500) (at SES). Single Crystal XRD Analysis (at SPAP).

Apart from this, there are common facilities like Physical fitness centres for  both men and women, a state of the art Sports Stadium,  Creche, Canteens, a well furnished Guest House, an Assembly hall, a State Bank of India branch with ATM facilities, a Post office and an Employees’ Co-operative Society. Conveyance facilities are also available for both students and officials. Moreover, there are separate hostels for men and women and quarters for faculty and staff. Besides, every school/department in the University boasts of a full-fledged auditorium and a well stocked Library while each of the Science Schools has its own well-equipped laboratories.